Anastasia Lipske ~ Speaker/Podcast Bkg Agent and Consultant

Anastasia Lipske is the founder of Access Speakers, a speaker and podcast booking agency, where she has a proven track record of booking over 1,600 engagements for her clients. This experience has made her well-versed in understanding the needs and expectations of speaker chairs, event planners, and podcast hosts when seeking top-quality speakers and guests for their events and shows.

In addition to her booking expertise, Anastasia has a unique talent for consulting business owners on personal branding strategies that can help them improve their chances of getting booked for speaking engagements or podcast interviews. Her advice and best practices enable clients to maximize the impact of their presentations and interviews, ultimately generating more influence, awareness, and clients for their businesses.

As a co-author of the book “Business Success with Ease,” Anastasia highlights the significance of using speaking engagements as a powerful tool to gain influence and attract potential clients. She emphasizes how harnessing the power of one’s voice can drive success and growth for both individuals and businesses. Anastasia’s energetic personality and passion for the speaking industry make her a motivating and inspiring speaker herself.

She encourages audiences to recognize the potential of their voices and understand how impactful speaking engagements can be in their professional journeys. Her enthusiasm and expertise make her a sought-after resource for those looking to enhance their speaking careers or guest appearances on podcasts.


Most Popular Topic:

How to Use Speaking and Podcast Guesting as a Marketing Toolto Generate Influence, Awareness, and Clients!

Public speaking and podcast guesting have been recognized as very effective ways to gain visibility and establish credibility. It’s rather like sample advertising, people get a taste of who you are and what you do. Given the fact that it is in human nature to buy from people we know, like, and trust, this can be powerful in helping you grow your business!

In her talk or interview, Anastasia will answer some of these valuable questions and more…

  • Why is speaking such a great tool to gain visibility and grow a business?
  • How does one go about finding groups and podcasts to get in front of?
  • What are some key branding practices that will help one to get booked?
  • What are the most common mistakes seen on speaker one-sheets?
  • Does it make sense to hire a Virtual Assistant or Speaker Agent?


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Podcast Hosts: Why Anastasia Lipske/Access Speakers as a Guest for Your Podcast?

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Partial List of Previous Podcasts:

Stand Out and Grow with Kat Ramirez
The Winning Zone with Hilmon Sorey
Center Stage with John Hinson
The Design Business Show with Melissa Burkheimer
Ongoing Mastery: Presenting & Speaking with Kirsten Rourke
Your Business Story with Kristin Spencer
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Famous Interviews with Joe Dimino
The Prosper Project Show with Lorraine Schuchart
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The DEB Show #GoalChatLive with Debra Eckerling
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with Anika Jackson


Partial List of Previous Speaking Engagements:

Forbes Business Council Public Speaking Group
Innovation Women (Podcast Guesting to Grow Your Speaking)
The Big Giving Conference
The Genesis Business Development Group
Changemakers Mastermind with Jennifer Darling
Uplyft Media – Power of You Co-Authors
Jobamax Master Class
NAPW (Natl Assoc of Professional Women) San Francisco
Making Your Mind Magnificent with Steven Campbell on KOWS Radio 92.5
Rotary Club of Solano Sunset
Rotary Club of Vallejo

Rave Reviews:

“A fabulous speaker for our Forbes Business Council Speaker Group! Anastasia delivers the goods! The tips! The helpful direction! And the repeated “OMG, I never thought of that” from our audience. It felt like every sentence was a teachable moment.”
~ Bobbie Carlton, Innovation Women/Carlton PR & Marketing | Forbes Biz Council Chair, Publisher, Founder, and Speaker

“Anastasia is one of the best podcast guests I’ve had the pleasure of having on my show, Your Business Story. She also added intense value to me before our interview with helpful advice as I was starting my first podcast featuring guests. I can’t recommend her enough! If you need someone to help you get on the right shows without you having to invest a ton more time in increasing your visibility, talk to Anastasia. You won’t be sorry you did!”
~ Kristin N. Spencer, Literary Symmetry | Ghostwriter, Copywriter, Business Messaging Expert, and Podcast Host (Your Business Story)

Anastasia was one of THE BEST podcast guests I have ever had! Her information on speaking and marketing was so worthwhile and valuable that even I am going to listen to her podcast again – and I was the interviewer! This woman’s ability to share “must-have” knowledge is golden! I would recommend her without question – and am going to hire her for some help!”
~ Nan McKay | Author, Speaker, Advisor to Women 60+, YouTube Advisor, and Podcast Host (TrailBlazers Impact Interviews)

“Anastasia Lipske is a phenomenal podcasting guest. We’ve worked together for many years through her exceptional full-service speaker and podcast guesting agency, Access Speakers. Anastasia has a vast knowledge of speaking and podcasting and how you can use these tools to scale and grow your business. She shared invaluable tips and wisdom that our Savvy audience could put into practice immediately to grow their business. THANK YOU, Anastasia!”
~ Christina Rivera, Savvy Broadcasting | Podcast Host (Savvy Business, Life Unscripted)

​”​Anastasia Lipske is a wonderful live show guest! She joined my #GoalChatLive (aka The DEB Show podcast) conversation about Getting Interviewed and generously shared her background and experience, as well as lots of helpful tips.​ Anastasia speaks with energy, grace, and heart. She came well-prepared – listened to the episode to discover her pre- and post-interview recs – and shared thoughtful advice for anyone looking to stand out via media interviews.​ Thanks, Anastasia. It was a pleasure having you on the panel. You are welcome back to The DEB Show anytime!”
​~ Debra Eckerling, The D*E*B Method | Goal-Setting Strategist, Author, Speaker, and Podcast Host (The DEB Show)

“Looking for someone to provide insight and tips for how to get more speaking engagements and how to be a better speaker? Anastasia has you covered! She was a guest on our show and provided a ton of great insight.”
~ John Hinson, Spotlight Branding | Author, Marketing Professional, Podcast Host (Center Stage)

“Anastasia is a powerhouse! She’s direct, powerful, and amazingly knowledgeable in her field. She created AHA moments in me that have lasted for years. Bringing her on your stage guarantees that those in the audience will walk away with immediately implementable nuggets.”
~ Mitchell Levy, Credibility Nation | Global Credibility Expert, Author, and Speaker

“Anastasia was interviewed for my podcast Biz Help for You and she was a delight to have as a guest. Not only does she have great information to share to help speakers learn how to get booked on stage and podcasts, but she has a very engaging personality and the conversation flowed effortlessly. I’d be happy to have her as a guest again in the future!”
~ Candy Messer, AB&P | Profitability and Growth Advisor, Author, Speaker, and Podcast Host (Biz Help for You)

“Anastasia is a treasure trove of information on how to present yourself and how to get booked as a speaker or on a podcast. Listening to her present, I was taking notes so fast I could hardly keep up, and now I have a list of action items to start my new year. I especially loved her lesser-known tips for how to get compensated when people don’t have a budget. For example, organizations have materials budgets that are separate from their speaker budgets: Because I am an author, I can ask if they might buy a book for every attendee. To me, that’s a win-win–profit from book sales and more importantly getting a concrete reminder of my talk into people’s hands.”
~ Elisabeth Stitt, Joyful Parenting | Parenting Coach, Author, and Speaker


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