Rave Reviews

AJ MacQuarrie-1

"At Sales POP! we have been fortunate to work with Access Speakers to showcase some of their great talent on our podcast. The guests provided by Access are as diverse as they are interesting but always come with practical, actionable insights. Whether the subject is excelling at podcasting, renegade branding, fractional C-level talent, or new marketing tools and tactics, Access Speakers podcast talent contributes so much to our channel. We look forward to continuing to bring Access Speaker's talent to our growing audience."

~ John Golden, Host | Sales POP!

Chester Santos-1

"Access Speakers has been an invaluable resource for finding high-quality guests for my podcast. They take the time to understand my audience deeply and only suggest guests who are a great fit. The guests they've connected me with have provided precious insights and perspectives that my listeners have loved. The Access Speakers team is highly responsive, professional, and easy to work with. They ensure I have all the prep materials I need before each interview to make the most of my time with each guest. I'm thrilled to recommend Access Speakers to any podcaster looking to take their show to the next level."

~ Rocky Lalvani, Host | The Richer Soul and Profit Answer Man

Loren Fogelman

"I've had the privilege of collaborating with Sandra Isaac and Anastasia Lipske from Access Speakers. They've connected me with numerous high-quality guests for my successful podcast. They're actively engaged in every step of the process, ensuring that both the guests and my podcast are presented in a positive light. I'm grateful for their assistance and wholeheartedly recommend their services to others."

~ Todd Sylvester, Host | Todd Inspires Beliefcast

Odysseus Andrianos-1

"Over the past year, Anastasia of Access Speakers has consistently delivered top-tier speakers for my podcast. Her recommendations align seamlessly with my listener’s interests. There has never been a no show and all the speakers were prepared, punctual, and professional. Anastasia's professionalism, follow-up, and ability to source engaging experts make her an invaluable partner."

~ Joe Matz, Host | Entrepreneur Journeys Podcast


"I have had the amazing experience of working with Anastasia Lipske, Founder, of Access Speakers for my podcast HerCsuite® Radio. I first met Anastasia through Innovation Women and am so impressed with the way she aligns speakers to podcast shows. Each time she shares a speaker with me, it is after careful consideration and checking first with me to see if they are a fit. I can say with resounding enthusiasm that the guests I have had on my show through Access Speakers have not only been exceptional speakers, but they also provide so much value and impact for our listeners. An additional added benefit is that Anastasia promotes the podcast on LinkedIn which is unique for a speaker and podcast booking agency and it extends the show’s reach. I highly recommend Anastasia both as someone for podcast guests and also for podcast hosts. Thank you, Anastasia, for all the ways you elevate women to be on podcasts!"

~ Natalie Benamou, Host | HerCsuite® Radio

Aimée Lyndon-Adams-1

“I recently participated in Anastasia's Get Booked to Speak 4-week tele-program and received so much value. I just love it when others share the fruits of their own hard work and research, providing shortcuts, tips and proven techniques and Anastasia did this and more! It's clear that Anastasia is a pro and I benefited hugely from investing my time and money with her.”

~ Aimée Lyndon-Adams - Consciousness Leader, Co-Founder, What Truly Matters: Living Life Consciously

Alyscia Cunningham

"I first connected with Anastasia at the beginning stages of my journey as a professional speaker. She is so very resourceful and always found creative ways to connect me with women in other networks. Anastasia also caught my attention with her video messages, which I love so much. Not only is it an attention grabber but it's professionally done. She's definitely an out-if-the-box thinker and I highly recommend her services. Thank you truly!"

~ Alyscia Cunningham - Filmmaker, Photographer, and Author of I Am More Than my Hair

Amy Gray-Cunningham-1

"I hired Anastasia to help me develop my speaking platform. By day I'm a marketing manager and my primary focus is on branding and digital marketing. After talking with Anastasia, I was pleasantly surprised that I hadn't thought of all that she had suggested. It was as if a light bulb went off and I felt like "oh, yeah! why didn't I think of that!" But it just goes to show you when it comes to marketing and branding yourself, it always helps to have a new perspective. I highly recommend Anastasia!"

~ Amy Gray-Cunningham - Author of ‘Daring to Believe: Memoir of a Living Kidney Donor’

Barb Marshall

"Had an excellent consult with Anastasia. She covered everything from assembling my profile to streamlining my presentation. Also gave me great observations on my website. I can’t recommend her enough - gave me lots of good feedback."

~ Barb Marshall - TVGlobal Evangelist (BarbTV, The Real Deal) and Author

Barbara Hoffer-1

“Having worked with a number of marketing consultants, having time with Anastasia raised the bar! Knowledgeable and experienced, she intuitively offered unique and detailed suggestions that zeroed in short term and long-term needs for my business. If you are looking for a high touch consultant who provides exceptional follow-up, I can highly recommend contacting Anastasia.”

~ Barbara Hoffer - Owner/Founder, Back9 Pilates

Elisabeth Stitt

“Run, don’t walk, to put Anastasia Lipske’s free monthly Q + A’s on your calendar. She is a treasure trove of information and resources, and you get to pick her brain about anything you want. Of course, it was useful to ask my specific questions, but it was equally useful to hear others asking questions that hadn’t even occurred to me. Thank you so much, Anastasia, for your generosity in offering these sessions!”

~ Elisabeth Stitt - Joyful Parenting Coach, Author, and Speaker


​"I recently attended a Q&A with the Speaker's Agent, Anastasia Violet Lipske. There were questions answered that I hadn't even thought of and I thought that I was pretty savvy on this subject. I'll be on the next call to take in the exceptional value that she provides. I'd recommend that you come too."

~ Gwen Lepard - Luminary Transformation Consultant, Speaker, and Author


“​The opportunity to attend the Speaker Agent Access Virtual Q&A couldn't have come at a better time for me. I'm ramping up to focus on outreach to be a guest speaker on 100 podcasts in 2022. Anastasia is a treasure trove of valuable information to set yourself up for success in getting featured on media platforms and sharing your message with the masses. It was wonderful to get her experience and guidance and I feel so much more confident in moving forward to reach my goals. Thank you, Anastasia!”

~ Pi Venus Winslow - Full Venus Rising Transformational Life Coach, Speaker, and Author

AJ MacQuarrie-1

“Anastasia has helped me transform my speaking business by booking me throughout California on a regular basis. She’s been such a pleasure to work with; always on top of everything even when I’m not and so kind throughout the entire process. I’ve also done consulting with her several times and she’s been instrumental in helping me create branding and messaging. I highly recommend Anastasia! She is well worth it.”

~ A.J. MacQuarrie - Chief Launcher, LaunchPad Nation

Chester Santos-1

“In more than eight years now, Anastasia has helped to secure quality speaking engagements for me that have helped me to grow my business.  Many agencies that I've worked with in the past haven't even come close to delivering on what they promised, and they've also been at times pretty difficult to work with.  This hasn't been the case at all with Anastasia.  She's always delivered on what she's promised and is a pleasure to work with.  Deciding to sign on with Access Speakers was one of the smartest things that I've done since starting my speaking business.  I highly recommend Anastasia and her services.”

~ Chester Santos - U.S. Memory Champion, “International Man of Memory”

Loren Fogelman

“I love to speak. But I don’t enjoy the back-end part. As my speaking agent, Access Speakers filled my calendar with speaking opportunities. Anastasia delivered exceptional results. She made the connections, managed the bookings, and took care of all the details. Handing over the speaker management to her was a relief. If you’re ready to fill your calendar with speaking gigs, then connect with Access Speakers. Anastasia is well connected and expertly manages all the details.”

~ Loren Fogelman - Price and Profit Coach

Odysseus Andrianos-1

“Anastasia has been fantastic at helping me develop my career as a young public speaker. She has helped promote me and get gigs all while providing me the necessary feedback to help me grow as a young coach. I highly recommend her services if you are looking to develop your public speaking career.”

~ Odysseus Andrianos - CEO/Owner, Agamemnon Film Studio & Ody’s Gym


“Access Speakers has booked me on 5+ podcasts in the past few months, and the process couldn’t be easier. They do all the legwork to research, identify, and book me on podcasts that are a good fit for me and my business — all for a very reasonable charge per show. Sandra is very diligent, responsive, and easy to work with. If you want to guest on more podcasts, working with Access Speakers is a valuable and efficient way to go.”

~ Rusty Gaillard - Speaker and Transformational Coach


"The Bay Area Business Express Network has been working with Anastasia for the past 2 years. Anastasia has been a high caliber supplier of outstanding speakers for our monthly professional business meetings. The speakers she represents are engaging, informative, funny and well-versed in their areas of expertise.

Anastasia understands our leagues needs and consistently recommends speakers our members are very interested in. Anastasia has been very easy to work with, has excellent follow up skills and is a true professional. We appreciate the level of speakers she has sent to us and look forward to continuing utilizing her excellent speakers for our monthly presentations."

~ Amy Dawson - Speaker Chair, Bay Area Business Express Network

“As the speaker coordinator at Marin Professionals in San Rafael, CA I have worked closely with Anastasia to provide a variety of speakers and topics for our Monday morning member meetings. Her excellent suggestions for speakers have benefited our job searching and career changing members in expanding and updating their knowledge of the range of current skills necessary for successful career growth and personal development.

In addition, Anastasia is a delight to work with. She provides great ideas and possibilities for speakers for us and is very prompt, reliable and precise in her communications with us. We have never had one of her speakers be a no show. She is constantly expanding her range of speakers and subject matter. We consider Anastasia and her speakers to be a very valuable asset for us here at Marin Professionals and we will continue to work with her for speakers in the future.”

~ Bob Wickham - Speaker Chair, Marin Professionals

"I am a part of the Pleasanton Young Professionals and we host quarterly professional development meetings. We've been a group for about 5 years and have recently struggled finding worthy speakers for our organization. Anastasia was recommended, and I wish that we would have had access to her organization years ago. We've been working with her since last year and what a blessing she is to our organization and team. I couldn't recommend her enough. Thank you for all that you do!"

~ Danielle Fratellone - Speaker Chair, Pleasanton Young Professionals/Chamber of Commerce

“Anastasia has been a gift to Marin Professionals. From her Speaker's Bureau, she provides highly talented, extremely engaging speakers who, wow the room with their presence. Every speaker has made such a heartwarming connection with the group that their return is eagerly anticipated. I am always amazed as Anastasia consistently stays in touch and offers new speakers with powerful content.”

~ Diane Greer, MS - Former Speaker Chair, Marin Professionals

“I truly enjoyed and valued my relationship with Anastasia and Access Speakers during my 2+ year tenure as the breakfast facilitator for the Oakland breakfast for NAWBO-SFBay.  As a breakfast facilitator, I had to find engaging speakers, with topics that would draw new attendees and members alike, and could speak succinctly for 30 minutes and where people wouldn’t complain the talk was too sales-y. This is a tall order month after month and Anastasia was a huge part of my success. People loved the speakers; their energy and warmth and I could always count on Anastasia to correctly steer me in the right direction for the best fits for our audience.  Plus, her speakers are reliable and professional. You won’t regret working with Anastasia. She’s a gem!”

~ Jo Ilfeld - Reboot Success - Breakfast Facilitator, NAWBO-SFBay