In full transparency...because that's how I roll...
SOME of the below resources might kick down a wee bit of compensation to me if you use their products and or services, but I assure you...
that's not why they're on this list.
I only share content from people and services that I know, like, and trust!

In full transparency...because that's how I roll...SOME of the below resources might kick down a wee bit of compensation to me if you use their products and or services, but I assure you...that's not why they're on this list. I only share content from people and services that I know, like, and trust!

~ Anastasia

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Innovation Women

Innovation Women is a self-service online platform (a “visibility” bureau) designed to connect entrepreneurial, technical, and professional women with event managers to provide gender balance on stage (whether live or virtual) at conferences and events. Innovation Women speakers and subject matter experts benefit from visibility and hundreds of new opportunities. Event managers can create more inclusive, gender-balanced, and diverse events. Event managers, conference organizers, and journalists get a free account on the site so they can search the database and connect directly with the speakers. Speakers can also contribute articles to the organization’s sister company, Lioness Magazine for the female entrepreneur.

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Caterina Rando 

Serving women in business on a mission to use public speaking to gain insta-clients, sell with authenticity, and scale with ease. Caterina provides workshops, group programs, summits, and retreats to grow, thrive and bliss more in business. Caterina is a master coach, podcaster, author, app developer, community builder, and Club House moderator.

She presents with energy, positivity, and more massive value than is ever expected.

She is always a top-rated speaker and has presented well over 1000 times.

Her frequently requested topics include: Achieving Sales Bliss, How to Expand Your Fempire, and Give a Speech and Gain Insta-Clients. Caterina speaks for several groups year after year. Being invited back is the standard operating procedure for this sought-after speaker.


BombBomb - Online Marketing Platform Utilizing Video Emails and More

BombBomb helps you record, send, and track video messages that convey the tone, emotion, clarity, and personality that other mediums lack. With inboxes and social media feeds becoming more crowded with "digital pollution", it’s more important than ever to stand trust...and improve your chances of being booked to speak! This is a no-brainer for speakers because it allows the decision-makers to "see" you speaking and builds a direct relationship right from the start. Anastasia has used this platform for more than seven years knowing that it helps her pitches get noticed and her speakers get booked!

Try BombBomb for 14-Days for Free with No Credit Card Required:  Free Trial

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My Speaker Leads

My Speaker Leads is a research service for professional speakers. Each week My Speaker Leads get a .csv file emailed to them with at least 100 leads for speakers (400+ a month). These leads are a product of our trained research team. The researchers look for stages where paid speakers have previously worked (the most consistent sign of an organization or event that will pay speakers in the future.) They then search for contacts and any other helpful information. Save yourself hours of time and turn up new opportunities for only $19.99/month.

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Karen Gargiulo - Professional Speaker Sheet Creation

Impactful speaker sheets that help you get booked for speaking. Your speaker sheet is your calling card that shows who you are, what you speak about, and why you are the one they need to put in front of a room! Your speaker sheet is an essential visual tool to “sell yourself” as a speaker. If you want a high-quality, branded, professional speaker sheet that captures attention and conveys the value you bring to an audience, contact me!

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Speaker Sponsor

About half of all of the speaking jobs today are unpaid. As a former TV sponsorship director, Julie Austin, Founder of Speaker Sponsor, knew that was a golden opportunity waiting to happen. So, she put together a detailed course on how speakers could make a great living by getting their own sponsors. It eliminates the competition because most speakers don’t want to speak for free. But when you’re getting paid by a sponsor, you never have to speak for free! Speaker Sponsorship 101 teaches you the street smart way to get and keep sponsors, and how to create your own speaking career making as much money as you want.

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SpeakerTunity Conference Connections®

Would you like to have more conference and event stages in your future? And one single, simple, place to find them? Enter SpeakerTunity Conference Connections® providing thousands of new conferences, expos, and events seeking speakers for your consideration and contact every single month!  Includes 20 different categories of events so you can focus on the right ones for you;
calls-for-speakers submission form links and contacts when available; and indications of which are Paid-to-Speak, Speak-to-Enroll, or Pay-to-Play—if the information is provided. All this and a featured spotlight on SpeakerTunity Speaker Showcase® where meeting planners and event coordinators can find you!

Go to SpeakerTunity Conference Connections® to get access right now!

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Want a shortcut to finding and getting speaking gigs without having to do any of the research? Then look no further than SpeakerTunity® for…thousands of direct contacts for live and virtual speaking opportunities within proximity of your individual market! Saturate your region with your message! Or just get meetings, venues, and associations JUST in your NICHE across North America!
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Also secure contacts for TEDx events, podcasts/radio shows/videocasts, virtual summits, product giveaways, and virtual networking, across North America! Click here for details:

Visit to explore membership programs or view a la carte offerings!
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Beth Stoller ~ At the Podium, LLC - Public Speaking Speaker, Coach, Consultant

Most small business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs know the value of speaking before a group of people versus one-to-one. But knowing that they should be speaking to grow their business is very different than knowing the mechanics of how to do it. Through At the Podium™ LLC, Beth Stoller works with both new and seasoned speakers so their brilliance, expertise, and professionalism shine through their signature presentation and marketing material. Beth also hosts a Speaker Mastermind group that meets virtually on the 2nd Saturday of every month. Each meeting features networking, interaction, a speaker (or two), and a mastermind discussion that informs and inspires.

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Leisa Reid - Founder of Get Speaking Gigs Now

Want to be a speaker, but aren't sure what to talk about, where to go to find gigs, or how to offer your services from the stage? Leisa mentors professionals who want to use speaking to grow their business. Clients who work closely with her build their speaking skills and confidence through the Speaker's Training Academy. They get booked and learn how to STAY booked as a speaker through easy-to-implement strategies. As a speaker herself, Leisa has successfully booked and delivered over 600 speaking engagements. In her book, Get Speaking Gigs Now, she shares her 7 Step System to Getting Booked, Staying Booked & Attracting Your Ideal Clients Through Speaking.

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Great Books on Speaking

Here we'll share a line-up of books that are of great value to speakers. If you have any you love that should be on this list, please let us know!

Note: We are continually adding to this page so please keep checking back here for more resources to help you to build your speaking business!