Heather Eck ~ Synesthesia Artist & Color Alchemist

Synesthesia Artist & Color Alchemist, Heather Eck brings extraordinary color insights, perspectives, and wisdom to your audiences through her unique approach to perceiving, creating, and healing through her artwork. Her background as an HR Manager and Certified Authentic Leadership Coach, ACC, combined with her unique gift of synesthesia, gives her a special skill to communicate, in simple terms, the hidden dynamics and solutions to everyday challenges through clairsentience, intuition, and color reading. As an expert on color, chakras, spirituality, and energy healing, your audience will gain tips and new tools to uplift and inspire their hearts and minds.

Heather is a renowned and award-winning artist, intuitive, thought leader, spiritual intuitive healer, passionate coach, and facilitator. Her work has been exhibited in more than 25 shows, and she offers an inspiring perspective on connecting healing through color, symbolism, and form. Her Instagram channel has over 4k followers, and she mentors hundreds of color lovers and students worldwide in her private Facebook group, The Color Club. Her original art, spirit portraits, art retreats, and courses are available on her websites.

Most Popular Topics:

  • “The Healing Power of Color and Chakras” – Explore the profound connection between color, energy centers, and holistic healing. Learn how harnessing the chakra system’s energies can positively impact your well-being.
  • “Art as a Spiritual Journey” – Dive into the mystical world of art inspired by spirituality, the Bible, and the mysteries of the Universe. Discover how art can be a conduit for spiritual growth and self-discovery.
  • “Synesthesia: Seeing the Unseen” – Uncover the fascinating world of synesthesia and its role in artistry. Gain insights into how this unique sensory experience influences my creative process.
  • “The Intersection of Philosophy and Art” – Delve into the philosophical underpinnings of my work and how art can serve as a medium for exploring profound questions about existence, purpose, and meaning.
  • “Spirituality through Art: Nurturing the Creative Soul” – Explore the transformative power of art and how it can inspire personal growth and spiritual development.

Here are a few more for your consideration:

  • Color Psychology and Emotional Well-being
  • The Symbolism of Colors in Spiritual Art
  • Art and Meditation: A Path to Inner Peace
  • Creativity as a Catalyst for Personal Transformation
  • The Art of Mindfulness: Creating with Presence
  • Art as a Tool for Expressing the Unconscious
  • The Healing Journey: From Canvas to Consciousness

Possible Conversation Starters:

  • Can you share your personal journey and how you discovered your synesthetic abilities and their influence on your art?
  • Your art is deeply connected to the chakra system. Could you explain how you use the chakras as a framework for your creative process and the healing aspects of your work?
  • How do you draw inspiration from the Bible and spirituality in your art? Could you share some specific pieces that have a strong spiritual influence?
  • Can you discuss the role of color in your art and its significance in promoting healing and self-improvement?
  • Your work often touches on the unseen and the mysterious aspects of the universe. How do these concepts manifest in your art, and what message do you aim to convey?
  • Many listeners may not be familiar with synesthesia. Could you explain what it is and how it enhances your artistic experience?
  • What advice would you give to aspiring artists who want to incorporate spirituality and healing energy into their work?
  • Could you share a memorable or transformative experience where your art had a profound impact on someone’s healing or spiritual journey?
  • In your creative process, how do you select colors that resonate with specific emotions or energies, and how does this influence the final artwork?
  • Are there any upcoming projects or themes you’re excited to explore in your art, or any new directions you plan to take with your work soon?


Partial List of Previous Podcasts:

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Rave Reviews:

“Heather has a wonderful array of talents that bring the world of art and color to life in a fitting therapeutic manner. It’s an apt metaphor for what she brings as a guest. Her acumen, skill, and warmth as a professional is immediate and consistent throughout a well-crafted story of a life that is capturing a dream. Her dreams have become a timeline that is tantalizing to all listeners .. Heather is a gem out there being a creative capturing the dream….”
~ Joe Dimino, Host, Famous Interviews Podcast

Heather is just a breath of fresh air! She is so knowledgeable and inspiring. She can see things that others can’t and can teach that concept in easy-to-understand ways! I learned a lot just from listening to her. She connects really well with everyone. She has a calming spirit and makes you feel comfortable. Heather will enhance your life with her many talents and beautiful art.”
~ Heide Alldredge, Host, Heidi’s Lemonade Stand

“Heather is a very bright light and truly has an amazing soul we were thrilled to have her on our podcast! Her insights were enlightening, and their passion for helping others heal through art truly shone through. A captivating episode that left our audience wanting more. Looking forward to having her back soon!”

~ Lauren Oberly & Heather Forrester, Hosts, The Enlightened Misfits Podcast
“Heather was an amazing guest—well prepared, interesting, accommodating, and went the extra mile to solidify an outstanding show. She has many talents and insights that our audience loved. She presents in a thoughtful, engaging manner. She has also facilitated other guests for our show, as she has a knack for what podcast listeners wish to hear. She was punctual and reliable and met every pre-production need.  I HIGHLY recommend Heather as a guest.”
~ Mary Insprucker, Host, Triangle 411 Podcast

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