Rave Reviews – Groups We’ve Worked With

"The Bay Area Business Express Network has been working with Anastasia for the past 2 years. Anastasia has been a high-caliber supplier of outstanding speakers for our monthly professional business meetings. The speakers she represents are engaging, informative, funny and well-versed in their areas of expertise.

Anastasia understands our league's needs and consistently recommends speakers our members are very interested in. Anastasia has been very easy to work with, has excellent follow-up skills, and is a true professional. We appreciate the level of speakers she has sent to us and look forward to continuing utilizing her excellent speakers for our monthly presentations."
~ Amy Dawson - Speaker Chair, Bay Area Business Express Network

“As the speaker coordinator at Marin Professionals in San Rafael, CA I have worked closely with Anastasia to provide a variety of speakers and topics for our Monday morning member meetings. Her excellent suggestions for speakers have benefited our job searching and career changing members in expanding and updating their knowledge of the range of current skills necessary for successful career growth and personal development.

In addition, Anastasia is a delight to work with. She provides great ideas and possibilities for speakers for us and is very prompt, reliable and precise in her communications with us. We have never had one of her speakers be a no show. She is constantly expanding her range of speakers and subject matter. We consider Anastasia and her speakers to be a very valuable asset for us here at Marin Professionals and we will continue to work with her for speakers in the future.”
~ Bob Wickham - Speaker Chair, Marin Professionals

"I am a part of the Pleasanton Young Professionals and we host quarterly professional development meetings. We've been a group for about 5 years and have recently struggled finding worthy speakers for our organization. Anastasia was recommended, and I wish that we would have had access to her organization years ago. We've been working with her since last year and what a blessing she is to our organization and team. I couldn't recommend her enough. Thank you for all that you do!"
~ Danielle Fratellone - Speaker Chair, Pleasanton Young Professionals/Chamber of Commerce

“The undersigned has been arranging speakers for Rotary Clubs for more than 35 years usually as a committee member. This year we decided as a club to no longer have a Speaker’s Committee and rather I am it for our 65-member Rotary Club of Ignacio.

I met Anastasia about 8 months ago. Through her business, she arranged 7 speakers for our club at no cost. We take a survey each week as to the acceptance level of that Speaker of the Week since we are well aware the speaker choice has a lot to do with keeping, as well as securing members for Rotary.

Each speaker was on time, well versed in their role and performed well beyond expectations. Now we have raised the expectation bar when the speaker is supplied by Access Speakers.

We trust Anastasia for not only does she represent real people, with interesting stories, but rehearses them so their performances receive very high marks of appreciation as expressed by the membership.

I can heartily recommend that you consider using of her agency to provide and satisfy your speaker needs.”
~ David Kurland - Program Chair, Rotary Club of Ignacio

“Anastasia has been a gift to Marin Professionals. From her Speaker's Bureau, she provides highly talented, extremely engaging speakers who, wow the room with their presence. Every speaker has made such a heartwarming connection with the group that their return is eagerly anticipated. I am always amazed as Anastasia consistently stays in touch and offers new speakers with powerful content.”
~ Diane Greer, MS - Former Speaker Chair, Marin Professionals

“I have not yet met Anastasia in person, but felt it is important not to delay this over-due recommendation any longer. She was strongly recommended to me by one of our speakers and after a short phone conversation, it became obvious that she would be able to help us with our speaker engagements and that, she did!

Anastasia took the time to learn about our organization, the audience, and arranged for the appropriate speakers/topics. She is very organized and has a great habit of following up, before and after the event, to ensure everything is per plan.

I feel very fortunate to have her as part of our speaking engagement team and highly recommend her to all who are in search of quality speakers for their events.”
~ Hamid Saadat - Founder, CSIX CONNECT, www.CSIX.org

"Anastasia provided me with many outstanding speakers for the Vallejo Rotary Club. The audience, the members of the Vallejo Rotary Club, are a very challenging group. I explained the challenge and gave Anastasia carte blanche to select the speakers. She more than rose to the occasion. I had the members evaluate every speaker and, without exception, everyone received more than 4.0 on a scale of 1 to 5.

Anastasia has a great inventory of speakers and I strongly recommend that you consider Access Speakers as a great source of highly qualified and effective speakers."
~ J.D. Miller - Program Chair, Rotary Club of Vallejo

“I truly enjoyed and valued my relationship with Anastasia and Access Speakers during my 2+ year tenure as the breakfast facilitator for the Oakland breakfast for NAWBO-SFBay.  As a breakfast facilitator, I had to find engaging speakers, with topics that would draw new attendees and members alike, and could speak succinctly for 30 minutes and where people wouldn’t complain the talk was too sales-y. This is a tall order month after month and Anastasia was a huge part of my success. People loved the speakers; their energy and warmth and I could always count on Anastasia to correctly steer me in the right direction for the best fits for our audience.  Plus, her speakers are reliable and professional. You won’t regret working with Anastasia. She’s a gem!”
~ Jo Ilfeld - Reboot Success - Breakfast Facilitator, NAWBO-SFBay

“Anastasia Lipske is a real go-getter and connector! She supplied four dynamic speakers to a recent conference I curated and hosted, - Steven Campbell, Julie Anderson, Linda Patten, and Stephanie Staidle.

During the conference, Anastasia was in constant work mode, helping her speakers and others whenever necessary. After the conference, Anastasia provided me with invaluable feedback. She has also provided me with numerous invaluable introductions.

Anastasia is a pleasure to work with and a pleasure to know!”
~ Johanna Wise - CEO, Connect*Work*Thrive

“Anastasia is a servant leader! She goes above and beyond for her clients to further their success! If you want access to fantastic speakers, and stellar customer service, contact Anastasia! I appreciate all she has done for our Rotary Club and our community.”
~ Kelly McDonald - Rotary Club of Magnolia/Houston

“As the Rotary Club of San Rafael Speakers chairman, I have used Anastasia's Access Speakers on three occasions for speakers and I have a fourth speaker scheduled in the future. Anastasia and her Access Speakers team are excellent. She is a pleasure to work with and the speakers are outstanding. On two occasions I was left stranded by sudden cancellations of my speakers.  Anastasia stepped right in and provided far better speakers than originally scheduled.

Being Speakers Chairman requires that I completely and adequately screen speakers for our club. I can rely on Anastasia to provide the very best. Anastasia is in the right place with her service. I strongly recommend Anastasia and her Access Speakers operation.”
~ Oak Dowling - Chairman Speakers Committee, Rotary Club of San Rafael

“As the Program Committee Co-Chair for the Rotary Club of Tiburon-Belvedere, I have been working with Anastasia at Access Speakers for nearly a year. Our challenge is finding an engaging speaker every week for our demanding audience. I had the good fortune of finding Anastasia last year and our members have been impressed with each and every speaker. Whether the speaker was a professional clown or organic farmer, we were enlightened and fully engaged with each speaker. I highly recommend Anastasia at Access Speakers anytime you want your group to be entertained and enlightened.”
~ Paul Wichman - Co-Chair, Program Committee, Rotary Club of Tiburon-Belvedere

“Anastasia has done a great job getting speakers for our SIR'S # 147 group.  The topics covered have been: Elder Law, Elder In-Home Care, Trusts for the Elderly, Maintaining and Expanding Your Mental Abilities, Exercises to Minimize Back Pain, and Living in Berlin During the 1948-1949 Berlin Airlift.

The speakers that Anastasia has provided are well-prepped for meeting the requirements of our audience.  They have been punctual and have kept the attention of our group. I heartily recommend her services and speakers.”
~ Richard Zanotti - Little Sir, Sons in Retirement, Branch #147 Petaluma

“Anastasia has been a great resource for finding appropriate speakers for ProMatch. She thoughtfully researched and recommended speakers that motivated, encouraged, and supported ProMatch members going through the challenge of job search in Silicon Valley. I could always count on Anastasia to arrange for just the right speaker when I called on her for help.”
~ Robert Withers - Speaker Chair and Career Counselor, ProMatch