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Speaker Agent Access Monthly Q&A


"I had the opportunity to attend one of Anastasia's virtual monthly Q&As, and I have to say...Anastasia is awesome! She doesnʼt hold back during these live sessions. Instead, she gives you an amazing amount of information when she answers your questions, and you canʼt help but leave feeling upbeat and excited about getting started or moving ahead! Want to learn more about finding speaking opportunities -- in person or virtual, check out this free virtual monthly event on the 3rd Thursday of each month."
~ Beth Stoller - At The Podium / Public Speaking Coach and Trainer, and Speaker


"It can be difficult to reach potential customers in today's complicated world. We understand people do business with those they "know, like, and trust". But how to reach an audience of potential customers? Being a guest on podcasts is a clever solution. The next question: How do you become a guest on the right podcasts? The answer is simple: Hire Anastasia Lipske. Anastasia understands what podcast producers and hosts seek in a guest. She is a trusted source of reliable podcast guests who are prepared, ready, and present themselves well. If you would like to expand your reach to the right audiences, I recommend that you work with Anastasia."
~ D. Scott Smith MBA - Motivational Listener

Elisabeth Stitt

“Run, don’t walk, to put Anastasia Lipske’s free monthly Q + A’s on your calendar. She is a treasure trove of information and resources, and you get to pick her brain about anything you want. Of course, it was useful to ask my specific questions, but it was equally useful to hear others asking questions that hadn’t even occurred to me. Thank you so much, Anastasia, for your generosity in offering these sessions!”
~ Elisabeth Stitt - Joyful Parenting Coach, Author, and Speaker


​"I recently attended a Q&A with the Speaker's Agent, Anastasia Violet Lipske. There were questions answered that I hadn't even thought of and I thought that I was pretty savvy on this subject. I'll be on the next call to take in the exceptional value that she provides. I'd recommend that you come too."
~ Gwen Lepard - Luminary Transformation Consultant, Speaker, and Author

pinkhairprofile copy

"Anastasia was well prepared to present a large amount of information in a short time. Her expertise came through when answering questions and clarifying important points. She gave me a lot to think about as a podcaster and a podcast guest!"
~ Noreen Braman - Speaker, Author, The Smile Side of Life


"I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Anastasia's most recent Speaker Agent Access Monthly Q and A event. I truly appreciated Anastasia sharing her wisdom, knowledge, and expertise regarding getting booked as a speaker and podcast guest. Specifically, her recommendations on how to make our speaker sheet stand out and what to include on our LinkedIn profiles were awesome!"
~ Pamela Plick - Money Coach, Financial Planner, and Speaker


“​The opportunity to attend the Speaker Agent Access Virtual Q&A couldn't have come at a better time for me. I'm ramping up to focus on outreach to be a guest speaker on 100 podcasts in 2022. Anastasia is a treasure trove of valuable information to set yourself up for success in getting featured on media platforms and sharing your message with the masses. It was wonderful to get her experience and guidance and I feel so much more confident in moving forward to reach my goals. Thank you, Anastasia!”
~ Pi Venus Winslow - Full Venus Rising Transformational Life Coach, Speaker, and Author