Celebrating 1,000 Speaking Gigs Booked + Special Time-Sensitive Offer on my Speaker Branding Consultations….


YAY me! Yes, I’m being loud and proud and I sure hope you are when you accomplish something special.

And YES I know my video is nine-minutes long, but hey, that’s shorter than it would take to have a phone chat or a cup of coffee together, right? Though I’d love to do those with you too! (I promise long videos like this will be infrequent.)

I’m including you in my special celebration and sharing with you WHY 1,000 gigs is such a big deal AND if you watch the video to the end you’ll get an offer that is even BETTER than what I share below. I’m just sayin’!

I’m not a “speaker booker”. I don’t have a speakers bureau. I have a speaker agency that offers full-service representation. In my video I explain what it is that we do that’s different. That’s why it’s so long, but even if you aren’t interested in the services we offer, you might know someone who is. So your time and consideration would be greatly appreciated.

Now back to those 1,000 gigs booked! I want to thank the academy – ha ha – well not exactly – but definitely Kim Murphey for keeping my website updated with every new speaker and every time one of our speakers do a talk! And BTW, I have a brand new website in the works so please don’t judge me by what I have. It’s functional and not stagnant! And pau is better than perfect, right?

I also want to thank my “right-hand” woman, Lorena Gies, for whom I would be lost without! She is the person who handled every one of those 1,000 gigs after I booked them! If I had to do all that myself, well, I’d probably have only booked 327 gigs by now!

And of course I need to thank all the speakers I’ve represented and consulted with over the years for your awesome support…not to mention all those who have inspired me along the way…far too many to name, but you know who you are!

With 1,000 gigs booked we’d be safe to say I have some experience on speaker branding and how to get booked to speak! So………………………

My special offer (though MORE special if you watch the video to the end)….drumroll please….a 40% discount off my consulting services. That means only $120/hour vs. $200. IF you calendar a date with me and pay for your consultation by midnight Friday, August 17th. I’ve learned one needs to set time limits to get people in action. Email me by the cut-off: Anastasia@AccessSpeakers.biz. I HOPE you’re ALL IN!

Each one-hour consultation is done via Zoom so I can screen share with you to look at your content and share resources, examples, etc. Each consultation is VERY different depending upon YOUR needs. And as I tend to brain-dump so much content you’ll be relieved to know that I record the whole session and send it to you to download so you can review it as often as you wish.

I recommend starting with a Speaker Branding consultation for that’s the first step to make certain you’re presenting yourself in such a way that groups will choose you over the myriad of other potential speakers. Then if you want, as a second consultation I recommend the Get Booked to Speak session where we go over tips & tricks for getting yourself booked to speak. Thirdly consider the Re-Cap/Follow-up or “How are you doing thus far?” that we schedule a month later. RARELY does a speaker need more than three consultations with me as I load so much content and value into each one.

Not sure I’m worth it? See what others have said about my consulting services by their testimonials at the bottom of my page on my consulting services or here’s one for a quick glance:

Life is short…stop buying green bananas and commit to getting on more stages than ever before so you can share your important message with more people and generate influence, awareness, and clients!

Until the next one…wishing you abundant blessings!

Speak On!!!


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